Why Are Eye Exams Important?

Do you wear glasses? Do you remember the last time you had an eye exam? Most adults and children have not had a comprehensive eye exam in over a year.

Less than half of the adults in the U.S. got an eye exam in the last year. Like going to the dentist and doctor every year, you should do the same with the eye doctor. Keep reading to learn why yearly eye exams are important!

Why don’t more people consider eye exams part of a healthy lifestyle?

Most people want to be healthier. This can consist of eating healthier, as well as being more active and exercising. 

It also means getting regular physicals and dental checkups every six months. For women, this means annual mammograms. So why do more people not consider an eye exam to be part of their healthy lifestyle?

Kids learn that there are things we need to do to be healthy. This includes brushing our teeth twice a day, flossing, vaccinations and annual check-ups.

Adults are told that they need certain screenings based on family history and age. Developing these habits are important for preventative medicine.

Since all the trends show that people care about their health, why don’t they care about eye exams? There are a lot of reasons why people skip annual eye exams even though they are important.

No Obvious Vision Issues

Some people have always had 20/20 vision, so they think they don’t need regular eye exams. They do not experience any changes in their vision or vision problems, so they think it’s okay.

This is not always the case. Some eye conditions like glaucoma have no symptoms until experiencing sudden vision loss. Many people don’t realize there are conditions that cause blindness or vision loss.

Getting regular eye exams can help your eye doctor detect these conditions early on. Early detection can make a big difference when it comes to avoiding vision loss. 


Healthcare costs in the U.S. are high and impact everyone. People are often scared that an eye exam will cost a lot, which can impact their decision.  No matter what you think, the benefits outweigh the financial cost.

If you have vision insurance, you should use it especially if your annual eye exam is part of what’s covered! Ignoring the benefits is like wasting money.

Even if your eye exam is not covered, there are eye conditions that are, reducing out of pocket costs. 

Busy Schedule

Eye doctor appointments and patient intake take time. At Balin Eye & Laser Center, we work to try to keep our appointments timely and convenient for our patient, although there are times where appointments run over their allotted time.

We want to make sure that you and your family have the best experience possible when getting an eye exam. 

Why are Eye Exams Important?

While it is easy to put off scheduling your eye exam, they are extremely important to a healthy lifestyle. Annual eye exams can detect other serious health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even cancer!

Plus, even if you perceive that you have good vision, a licensed eye doctor may be able to detect gradual vision changes or worsening vision that can be easily corrected with visual aids.

Are you ready to schedule an eye exam? Schedule an appointment at Balin Eye & Laser Center in Springfield, MA today! After all, there’s nothing more important than healthy vision.

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