Treatment Options

An Integrated Approach to Treating Dry Eye

Accurately diagnosing the cause of your dry eye allows us to design the most effective treatment plan. We take an integrated approach in treating dry eye offering our patients the most advanced treatments available including the LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System and Prokera biologic corneal bandages. Your personal treatment plan may include one or a combination of the following treatments to alleviate symptoms and provide the best results.

Woman with dry eye before and after treatment

There are several prescription eye drops available to treat dry eye. Drops can be effective depending upon the cause and severity of your dry eye. Some drops can actually increase the production of tears in your eyes.

Punctal Plugs

Punctal Plugs are available to provide patients with short term relief from dry eye symptoms. The plugs are inserted into the drainage holes in the eye to keep the tears from draining too quickly.


The LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System is a technology designed and approved to specifically treat the most common form of dry eye, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). MGD is the result of clogged oil Meibomian glands. Once clogged the glands cannot release the oil needed to keep the tears from evaporating too quickly on the surface of the eye. LipiFlow uses gentle massage and heat to unclog the glands LipiFlow console with activatorsallowing the oil to mix with your tears to properly lubricate the eye. In a clinical study of participants who were treated with LipiFlow, 86% experienced improved functioning of their Meibomian Glands. The LipiFlow treatment takes approximately 15 minutes and is performed in the Northampton office. Many patients comment that the LipiFlow procedure feels like a spa treatment to their eyes.

Nutritional Supplements

High Quality Nutritional Supplements may be recommended. These may include vitamins and Omega 3 fish oil.


Prokera biologic cornea bandages can be an effective way of decreasing inflammation and increasing healing of the ocular surface. The bandages consist of amniotic membrane tissue and can be inserted into the eye at the doctor’s office. These bandages can be very effective at treating certain eye conditions and post-operative issues in patients.

Hand holding PROKERA device


BlephEx device in charging cradle

BlephEx is a revolutionary device that targets the scuff, debris, and bacteria that form along the lid margin causing inflammation and contributing to blepharitis. A surgical grade sponge rotates at high speeds and is guided along the lid margin by the doctor. The sponge gently and effectively removes the bacteria and debris reducing the inflammation and restoring health to the lid. BlephEx is often used in combination with LipiFlow for optimized results.

The Optima™ IPL

The Optima™ IPL is a revolutionary treatment that targets a specific type of dry eye that is directly caused by eyelid inflammation or inflamed skin around the eye area. The inflammation occurs when irregular blood vessels form under the skin.

To treat the inflammation, the doctor directs light pulses from the Optima™ IPL at the irregular blood vessels. Once subjected to the laser light, the body destroys the irregular vessels and heals the inflammation. The procedure is quick, about 15 minutes, and is performed in our Northampton office. The patient should experience little or no discomfort, and can usually return to normal activities within a few hours.

As with all dry eye treatments, it is important to be properly evaluated, diagnosed and educated to ensure optimal results. To learn more about the Optima™ IPL treatment for dry eye or to make an appointment for a dry eye consultation, please contact our office at 413-584-6666.

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