Eyelid Procedures

Eyelid Surgery at Balin Eye & Laser Center

The Balin Eye & Laser Center is a full-service eye treatment facility, specializing in conditions of the eye as well as the eyelid. Dr. Balin performs cosmetic eyelid surgery to treat eyelid abnormalities caused by disease, injury or natural aging. Dr. Balin routinely removes cysts, growths and skin cancers from the eye area. She also performs Blepharoplasty to treat excess eyelid skin, as well as, surgery for Ptosis, Ectropion and Entropion.

Woman having her eyelid examined by a doctor

Entropion and Ectropion can cause painful symptoms for patients. Excess eyelid skin can limit the patient’s field of vision and cause some adverse symptoms. Eyelid Surgery can reduce the painful symptoms from these conditions, as well as, improve the patient’s field of vision and the overall appearance of the eye. Prior to the surgery, the eye and the eyelid are thoroughly examined. The surgery is performed by eye surgeon Dr. Balin at our surgical suite located in Northampton at the Balin Eye & Laser Center on an outpatient basis using local anesthesia.

Ptosis – Upper eyelid drooping

Ptosis is a condition in which the upper eyelid droops substantially over the eye, thus limiting the field of vision. This condition may be apparent at birth (congenital) or may develop with aging (involutional).

All children with Congenital Ptosis should be examined by an ophthalmologist or eye surgeon to ensure that no other eye disease is present. It is recommended that surgery be performed in the preschool years to make it easier for the child to see and to improve the child’s appearance. The actual surgery performed is dependent upon the severity of the condition.

Involutional Ptosis develops with aging and may worsen with eye surgery or eyelid swelling. The drooping in the eyelid can limit the field of vision and give the eyes an uneven look. An eye surgeon can shorten the muscle that opens the eyelid in order to treat this condition.

Excess eyelid skin

As we naturally age our skin loses its elasticity. Because the eyelid skin is the thinnest skin of the body it is very susceptible to stretching creating drooping in the upper eyelid and bags in the lower eyelid. This excess skin affects our overall appearance as well as limits our field of vision. Dr. Balin can perform eye surgery in our Northampton office. Excess skin is removed, as well as any fatty tissue that may be present to restore the eyelids to their normal position.

Ectropion – Outward turning of the lower eyelid

Excessive stretching of the lower eyelid skin can cause the eyelid to droop down and turn outward. This may also occur from eyelid burns or some skin diseases. This condition can cause dryness of the eyes, excessive tearing, redness and sensitivity to light and wind. These symptoms can be reduced by surgically restoring the lower eyelid to its original position.

Entropion – Inward turning of the lower eyelid

Excessive stretching of the lower eyelid can cause the eyelid to droop down and turn inward. This condition can also be caused by infection and scarring inside the eyelid. When the eyelid turns inward the eyelashes and skin irritate the eye by constantly rubbing against it. This results in making the eye red and sensitive to light and wind. If left untreated Entropion may result in the formation of an eye ulcer. Surgery is necessary to return the eyelid to its normal position.

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