Advanced Technology

VISX Star S4 laser

We use the VISX Star S4 laser to perform laser vision correction. The many advanced features of the system contribute to its popularity among surgeons industry-wide. The VISX Star S4 Excimer Laser provides wavefront-guided truly customized vision treatments.

VISX Star S4 laser product photo

The many advanced features of the laser include:

  1. ActiveTrak 3-D Eye Tracker – Infrared cameras actively follow the tiniest motions of your eye in all three dimensions so you can relax during your surgery – knowing the procedure will be delivered accurately.
  2. Variable Sot Scanning (VSS) – Allows for a larger treatment area and gives your doctor greater flexibility to personalize your laser vision correction when pupil size is a consideration.
  3. WavePrint Map – Gives your doctor a “Fingerprint of Your Vision” that provides 25 times more information about our visual system than traditional methods of measuring to ensure optimal treatment results.
  4. Point Spread Function – This diagnostic data shows your doctor how you would see a point source of light, providing your doctor an additional perspective on how each of your eyes interprets light.
  5. IRIS Registration – Ensures accurate alignment of treatment to the cornea.


Our Intralase Femtosecond laser is advanced technology utilized to create the LASIK flap in the initial step of the procedure. Using pulses of laser light directed at the cornea the laser creates the flap with great speed and control. The unique technology allows the surgeon to customize the flap. It is a 100% Blade-Free approach to creating the LASIK flap.

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