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Created on: Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Recently we have seen many advancements in the field of Glaucoma surgery. New minimally invasive surgical treatments known as Micro-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) are now good options for treating some Glaucoma patients who require surgery.

In the past patients were treated with traditional Glaucoma surgeries that were very effective, but also had the potential for debilitating complications such as double vision, eye infections and swelling of the cornea. Although these complications were not common, traditional surgery was usually only performed after all other options were exhausted.

Now, today the newer MIGS procedures are proving to be a great option for treating Glaucoma in many patients. Although all surgery involves risks, the MIGS procedures can be performed with greater patient safety and can now be offered as an alternative from traditional surgery for some patients.

The MIGS procedures utilize tiny incisions and miniaturized devices like the XEN and I Stent to drain the excess fluid from the eye. Using these microscopic devices results in less damage to the surrounding eye tissue.

Although the MIGS procedures do not completely eliminate the need for the more invasive traditional Glaucoma surgeries, we are seeing a great reduction in the number of traditional procedures needed.

At Balin Eye & Laser Center we recommend regular eye exams to maintain good eye health. Glaucoma, like many other eye diseases, does not have any symptoms in its early stages. It can only be diagnosed by a dilated eye exam. Treating Glaucoma early can prevent vision loss.

If you would like to schedule an eye exam with Dr. Balin, please contact our office at 413-584-6666.



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