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At Balin Eye & Laser Center we specialize in correcting your vision through surgical as well as nonsurgical solutions. For patients interested in correcting vision using contacts, we offer the latest lens technology including breathable, high oxygen transmissible lenses for patients with corneal dystrophies, severe dry eye and other cornea eye disease.

Dr Brown has extensive knowledge in fitting all types of lenses. He has worked with children, teenagers and adults assisting them to safely and successfully wear contacts. He works with a variety of different types of contact lenses including:

  • Daily Disposable Lenses - used for one day only and then discarded
  • Daily Wear Lenses – Contacts are removed nightly for storage and are replaced bimonthly or monthly
  • Extendable Wear Lenses – these contacts can be worn continuously for extended periods of time usually up to 1 month
  • Toric Lenses – correct for astigmatism
  • Multifocal/ Bifocal Lenses - correct both distance and reading vision
  • Scleral Lenses – therapeutic lenses designed to treat keratoconus and other eye disorders often times deemed as medically necessary by insurance companies

During a contact lens exam Dr. Brown will perform tests to assess the overall health of your eyes. He will recommend and fit the appropriate contacts lenses to suite your needs. The fitting process includes instruction on the proper way to insert, remove and care for the lenses.

Patients must have a contact lens exam yearly in order to renew their contact lens prescriptions.

Some children may be candidates for contact lens wear if they are mature enough to follow strict contact lens wear protocol.

If you are interested in scheduling a contact lens exam or learning more, please call 413-584-6666.

Saturday appointments are available.


To learn more about our laser vision correction procedures, please contact our office 413-584-6666 or 800-436-EYES (3937) to schedule a free LASIK consultation in Northampton, Springfield or Ware. LASIK eye surgery financing is here and available with approved credit at Balin Eye & Laser Center located in Northampton, MA. Our LASIK vision counselors are happy to discuss payment options that allow you to correct your vision now, while paying over time.

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