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CustomVue-Custom LASIK

LASIK MassachusettsCustomVue™ Laser Vision Correction with Iris Registration was developed by VISX. This Refractive surgery is considered to be the most precise form of LASIK available.

During a LASIK refractive surgery pre-op exam with Dr. Balin, a WaveScan device is used to measure imperfections in the individual’s vision with the greatest precision possible. A detailed map of the patient’s entire visual track is created. Like a fingerprint, this map is completely unique to each individual. The information on the map is then transferred into the laser and used by Dr. Balin to customize the LASIK procedure.

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In the past, the surgeon was responsible for marking the patient’s eye and aligning the laser treatment to the eye at the time of the procedure. Now with Iris Registration, the laser is able to read the eye and more accurately align the treatment during the procedure. A more accurate alignment means a better visual outcome. Iris Registration is only available from VISX, our laser manufacturer.

Prior to performing CustomVue Dr. Balin needs to first create the corneal flap.

Once the flap is created, laser light is directed at the cornea to alter the shape of the cornea. The laser is guided by the WavePrint map to ensure the greatest degree of precision and accuracy. The corneal flap is then put back in its original place and bonds naturally within a few minutes.

The laser vision correction surgery usually takes about 20 minutes with only 30-60 seconds of actual lasering. Numbing drops are placed in the eye prior to the refractive surgery so that the patient does not experience any discomfort. A clear eye shield is placed over the eye and medication will be prescribed for a few days. Most patients return to work within a few days.

Remember that laser vision correction is not for everyone; please seek the advice of an experienced ophthalmologist and LASIK surgeon on your personal eye care needs. Contact us today for a free LASIK refractive consultation in Western Massachusetts. Your appointment can be booked in Northampton or Ware.

To learn more about our laser vision correction procedures, please contact our office 413-584-6666 or 800-436-EYES (3937) to schedule a free LASIK consultation in Northampton, Springfield or Ware. LASIK eye surgery financing is here and available with approved credit at Balin Eye & Laser Center located in Northampton, MA. Our LASIK vision counselors are happy to discuss payment options that allow you to correct your vision now, while paying over time.

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