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Accommodating IOL

crystalensThe Crystalens™ is the first and only fully accommodating Intraocular lens in the United States. The lens provides a continuous range of vision at all distances. The Crystalens™ has a unique design which incorporates a hinge on each side of the lens. The hinge allows the lens to move forward and backward in conjunction with the eye’s natural ciliary muscle. As the muscle moves to focus at different distances the lens is moved to bring the objects into focus in the same way that the eye focuses in youth. Patients who choose the Crystalens™ will usually not need reading glasses for mid-range or up-close work following their procedure.

If you need cataract surgery, the Crystalens™ may be ideal for you.

During surgery the eye’s natural lens is removed and the Crystalens™ is implanted. The surgery is performed on an out-patient basis under local anesthesia. The procedure is performed on one eye at a time and takes approximately 30 minutes. In order to know if you are a good candidate for the Crystalens™, Dr. Balin will need to perform a complete eye exam.

As with all surgery there are potential risk. It is important to be carefully evaluated for the procedure and educated regarding the benefits and risks to you. Patients who want to be evaluated for the Crystalens™ can call the office at 413-584-6666 or 1-800-436-3937 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Balin.

To learn more about our laser vision correction procedures, please contact our office 413-584-6666 or 800-436-EYES (3937) to schedule a free LASIK consultation in Northampton, Springfield or Ware. LASIK eye surgery financing is here and available with approved credit at Balin Eye & Laser Center located in Northampton, MA. Our LASIK vision counselors are happy to discuss payment options that allow you to correct your vision now, while paying over time.

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